Meet the Staff


SusanHi my name is Susan. I enjoy maintaining our patients dental health and building relationships with them. Our doctors are knowledgeable and very skilled and truly care about each patient.
We have a great team that enjoy working together and with our patients who we also consider friends.


Amanda Hello! I’m Amanda, and I’m a dental assistant for the Brewer family. Working in a family practice is incredibly neat, because everyone who comes in the door is a part of our extended family! We build lasting connections with our patients, and can’t wait to hear what’s been going on in their lives. We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome at our practice.

My favorite part of my job is the fun environment we get to work in. The team I work with is awesome, and we always make sure patients are well taken care of.


Tina Hello! My name is Tina, and I’m a dental hygienist at our practice. I enjoy talking with patients throughout their appointments. The best part of my day is finding out interesting stories and facts about our patients! Our doctors are great to work with, because they have a great sense of humor and always make our patients feel comfortable and at ease.

In my time off work, I’m usually spending time with my wonderful husband and son. I also enjoy hiking in Yosemite with my Dad!


Gloria It’s nice to meet you! I’m Gloria, a dental hygienist at Brewer Family Dentistry. My highest priority is maintaining patient health and helping them build confidence through a bright, happy smile! The dentists here are knowledgeable, skillful and truly care about each patient.

We consider every patient a friend, and treat them that way. We know that everyone wants to be comfortable and treated with respect, and that’s exactly what we do every day!


Corinne As a dental hygienist, I believe in building a personal relationship with my patients. Every patient is different, and I strive to make each person feel comfortable and at home in our practice. Our office is an energetic, happy place to visit. Patients often tell us that we are not a normal or stuffy dental office. We enjoy our patients and each other and love to laugh!

One reason I love working here is because our doctors stay current in all aspects of dentistry. They are on the cutting edge of the best treatment options available. Knowing that we provide the highest quality care to our patients makes me love our doctors.


Traci Hello! I’m Traci, and I have been a dental assistant at Brewer Family Dentistry since 1994. I enjoy working at this office because we have a close, family atmosphere. Each patient is valued and cared for as a member of our community.

Outside the office, I enjoy going to the movies! I always love to see the latest drama or action flick, and love talking about what our patients have seen, too!


Jamie Welcome to Brewer Family Dentistry! My name is Jamie, and I’m a financial coordinator and a dental assistant at the practice. I love helping people achieve their desired smile and being able to call my patients and coworkers my friends. The family of dentists here genuinely cares about each patient and member of our team. They always strive to provide top-notch dental care.

When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my husband and two children and I enjoy hanging out with friends.


Deedee Hello! My name is DeeDee. I’m the administrative secretary, so I work at the front desk, interacting with patients and making sure all their needs are met. We also  choose a patient of the month! We really have fun with our jobs here, and that makes for a wonderful, comfortable atmosphere for patients.

After work, I love to garden and spending time with my family. Whenever I get the chance I love to spend time on the coast.


Rose Hello and welcome! I'm Rose. I get to greet each patient  when they walk in the door and also schedule appointments. I make it a point to make our patients feel comfortable and welcome. The great thing about our practice is that everyone on our team really is warm and friendly!

Our doctors are great people, both in and out of the office! I get to work in a fun atmosphere, knowing that our patients are receiving the best of care.


Vicki Hi, I’m Vicki! As the financial coordinator, I help our patients with insurance benefits, treatment options and financial options that work for them. I've worked for Dr. Keith Brewer for almost 30 years. Dr. Dean Brewer and Dr. Amanda Brewer are part of the family and our community here. They always give respect to each patient and team member.  We enjoy our patients and get to know their families. We listen to their needs and genuinely care. We also offer lip balm we give to our patients.


BrittneyHello! My name is Brittney and I am a dental assistant at this wonderful practice. The reason I say wonderful is not because it is my job but more my second home away from home, my second family.  I love my job for a few reasons, one is getting to know people and second and most important is I love helping and making a difference in some one’s life the moment they become one of our patients. Knowing that I help people and seeing them smile is the most gratifying feeling in the universe. Outside of work I love spending time with my husband and family. I enjoy staying active by running and when winter rolls around, I am skiing and chasing the powder.  



Hi I’m Samantha. Most people call me Sam. I’m an RDA for Brewer Family Dentistry. I have been part of this wonderful practice since July 2013. What I love most about Brewer Family Dentistry is being part of a big family. When I came in for my first interview with Dr Dean Brewer, I knew this was the office I wanted to work in. I enjoy getting to know our patients and assisting in our patients achieving their dental goals. When I’m not working, I love to spend time outdoors. I enjoy camping, backpacking, fishing and photography.  My family and friends are a huge part of my life and I love spending time with them. I also volunteer at the Lions club in Escalon.


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