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Bone Grafting in Modesto, CA

Rebuild the Foundation of Your Smile With a Jaw Bone Graft From supporting existing teeth to preparing for dental implants, bone grafting techniques help rebuild the smile from the foundation up.

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Bone Graft in Modesto, CAYour Jaw Health is Paramount

Bone loss, caused by gum disease, injury or loss of teeth, diminishes oral function and appearance. The jaw bone serves several purposes, such as keeping the teeth in place, supporting dental implants and maintaining facial structure. When bone tissue is lost, teeth often become loose and the face begins to sag inward. At Brewer Family Dentistry, we offer jaw bone graft procedures to rebuild the foundation of your mouth for a future of beautiful, healthy, vibrant smiles.

Overcome Bone Loss With Effective Grafting Techniques

Bone Grafting Procedures

Bone grafting is the process of replacing lost bone tissue with human or non-human bone samples. The sample bone is attached to areas in deficit and allowed to integrate over a period of time. Typically performed in sites of moderate to severe bone loss, a jaw bone graft may be performed through one of the following techniques:

  • Autogenous Grafts: This jaw bone graft procedure sources tissue from the patient’s own body, typically the chin, and enhances the process of integration with existing bone.
  • Allografts: Sourcing tissue from a bone bank, allografts utilize donated human bone to eliminate the need for a second surgical site.
  • Xenografts: Derived from a bovine source, xenografts supply an abundance of tissue also eliminate a second surgical site for the patient.

Preparing for Implant Placement

To ensure the best chance for success, dental implants need a certain amount bone tissue for support. A jaw bone graft from Brewer Family Dentistry rebuilds the bone to adequate levels, creating the right foundation for placing implant posts. Once placed, dental implants help preserve the health of the jaw bone, encouraging a strong foundation and a confident smile.

Healthy Bone, Now and in the Future

Improving the quality and quantity of jaw bone following bone loss may be recommended for several reasons, the most common of which include to:

  • Stabilize existing teeth
  • Allow for implant placement
  • Enable the wearing of dentures
  • Maintain facial structure
  • Preserve sites for future tooth replacement

Processes for improving the bone in these circumstances come in various forms. Ridge augmentation, a jaw bone graft technique that adds bone tissue to the arch, rebuilds the foundation of the smile once affected by bone loss, while ridge preservation incorporates new bone tissue into a recent extraction site to preserve the bone quality for future use. If dental implants are desired to replace upper premolar or molar teeth, a sinus augmentation or sinus lift may be necessary, which involves adding bone to the floor of the sinus cavity or gently moving the floor of the sinus to an elevated position.

Strong, supple jaw bone tissue provides the support you need for a happy, healthy smile. Contact Brewer Family Dentistry today for more information on our jaw bone graft techniques and to reserve your consultation with our Modesto, CA practice.

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