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Tooth Extractions in Modesto, CA

When Improving Oral Health Requires Tooth Extraction Removing failing, decayed or hopeless teeth leads to a healthier mouth and better dental prognosis.

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Tooth Extraction in Modesto, CAStay On The Path of Good Oral Health

Apart from an excited child with loose baby teeth, no one really wants to lose a tooth. There are times, however, when removing a tooth is the best course of action to preserve dental health. At Brewer Family Dentistry, we provide expert, gentle tooth extraction procedures, eliminating barriers to improving oral health and creating a better oral environment.

Gentle, Pain-Free Tooth Extractions for Positive Dental Experiences

Comfortable, Relaxed Extraction Visits

If a tooth extraction is the recommended course of treatment, rest assured your experience with Brewer Family Dentistry will be comfortable, relaxed and positive. Whether removing teeth to allow for orthodontic treatment or in preparation for dental implants, our techniques offer the most efficient procedure for extracting teeth while best preserving surrounding tissues.

Simple vs. Surgical Extractions

Tooth extractions are placed in one of two categories – simple or surgical. A simple tooth extraction describes the uncomplicated removal of a fully erupted tooth, while a surgical extraction involves removing or pulling back the gum tissue, removing bone tissue or sectioning a tooth in pieces in order to complete the extraction. With both types of extractions, we do offer sedation dentistry services for comfortable, pain-free visits.

Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

  • Severe decay
  • Severe periodontal disease/bone loss
  • Broken or damaged teeth
  • Crowding or malpositioning
  • Facilitation of orthodontic care
  • Impacted teeth
  • Preparation for dental implants

Planning for Tooth Replacement Following Extraction

When planning for your tooth extraction, we may also discuss replacement options to maintain the appearance and function of your smile. As the preferred way to replace missing teeth, dental implants mimic both the root and crown portion of a tooth, affording benefits unsurpassed by other replacement options. Your implant procedure can even begin during your extraction visit, as we can place the implant post right into the tooth socket and get you well on your way towards a healthy, complete smile.

Extractions Only When You Need Them

Providing positive, comfortable, thorough dental care is our priority, for all members of your family. For more information on gentle tooth extraction procedures or tooth replacement with dental implants, contact Brewer Family Dentistry today.

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