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Dental Crowns & Bridges in Modesto, CA

Dental Crown and Bridge Procedures Deliver Superior Function, Esthetics Enjoy same-day crown and bridge services with CEREC® technology from Brewer Family Dentistry.

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Crowns & Bridges in Modesto CAWe Can Help Restore Your Smile

Restoring oral health to its optimal state is a passion of ours, one in which we pursue with enthusiasm and genuine compassion. We love nothing more than to see you and your family members enjoying life, oral health and smiles for years to come. Whether you need a tooth restored to its former glory or one replaced to return function to your bite, our dental crown and dental bridge procedures will leave you smiling, ready to take on the world.

Lifelike Crowns and Bridges for Your Best Smile

Restore Your Bite and Enhance Your Appearance

Dr. Dean Brewer and Dr. Amanda Brewer have spent years perfecting their craft, and are proud to deliver superior quality dental crown and bridge procedures for restoring your smile esthetics and biting or chewing ability. Our restorations are natural-looking and lifelike, rivaling the look, feel and function of real teeth.

Dental Crowns for Complete Coverage

Teeth having sustained significant damage or decay often require a dental crown for restoration. A dental crown offers complete coverage of the clinical crown of the tooth, or the portion that shows above the gum line. This offers protection for the tooth, returning form and function to the area. A dental crown may be placed in a number of scenarios, including:

  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Cracks, fractures or breakage
  • Internal staining or discoloration
  • Elimination of spacing between teeth
  • Following root canal therapy
  • Restoration of a dental implant

Tooth Replacement With a Dental Bridge

Losing a tooth often leads to oral difficulties, whether in the front or back of the mouth. One option for replacing a tooth is a dental bridge, a series of crown units fused together spanning the space of the missing tooth or teeth. Created as a custom-made single appliance, the center portion (pontic) of the dental bridge replaces the missing tooth and the end units (abutments) fit snugly over the teeth adjacent to the open space. The result is a continuous arch of teeth that looks and functions just like your natural dentition.

CEREC® Crowns and Bridges Offer High Esthetics

CEREC in Modesto CAAt Brewer Family Dentistry, we believe in providing the ultimate in quality care and services. As such, we offer CEREC® same-day crown and bridge procedures for added convenience and premium esthetics. With our in-house CEREC® milling machine, your dental crowns and bridges are created the same day your teeth are prepared, saving you multiple trips to the office, giving you high quality, immediate restorations and getting your right back to your daily life.

Walk Out With a New Crown Today

Dr. Dean Brewer and Dr. Amanda Brewer proudly serve the Modesto, CA area with superior quality restorative treatments. Learn more about our CEREC® same-day dental crown and bridge procedures by scheduling your visit with Brewer Family Dentistry today.

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