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Periodontics in Modesto, CA

Complete Periodontal Services in One Convenient Location From gum graft to dental implant procedures, Brewer Family Dentistry provides full-service periodontics for optimal oral health.

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Statistics Surrounding Periodontal Disease

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every two U.S. adults aged 30 and over suffer from periodontal disease.
  • In the geriatric population (those aged 65 or older), more than 70 percent have been diagnosed with having some form of periodontitis.
  • Tooth loss, most commonly caused by periodontal disease, is experienced by 178 million individuals in the United States alone.

Periodontal Services in Modesto, CADon't Worry, We Can Help

If gum disease has affected your smile, you are not alone – millions of people suffer with this condition worldwide. However, there are ways to repair the damage and maintain a healthy smile through procedures known as periodontics. At Brewer Family Dentistry, we are dedicating to improving your oral health from every aspect, and offer comprehensive periodontal services to rebuild, maintain and preserve your smile.

Predictable Periodontics, Attentive and Comfortable Care

Expert Services to Meet Your Periodontal Needs

As Modesto’s premier dental practice, Brewer Family Dentistry is known for providing attentive, compassionate, comfortable care to each and every patient. Whether your periodontal needs include gum disease treatment, gum graft procedures, tooth replacement with dental implants or anything in between, we have the services you need to fully restore your smile and oral health.

Improve Gum Health and Appearance With a Gingivectomy

When excessive gum tissue threatens the health and appearance of your smile, our gentle dental laser becomes the instrument of choice. A gingivectomy performed at the hands of our experts comfortably eliminates diseased or overgrown gum tissue, creating a smile line beautifully framing the teeth for a healthy tooth-to-gum balance. Laser gingivectomies encourage expedited healing and completely avoid the need for incisions or sutures to improve gum health and appearance.

Reverse Gum Recession With Gum Graft Procedures

Gum recession is an unfortunate consequence of periodontal disease, parafunctional habits and other factors affecting the oral environment. Receding gums not only look unattractive, they also leave the roots of the teeth exposed to harmful bacteria, chemical erosion and mechanical damage. Gum graft procedures from Brewer Family Dentistry replace lost gum tissue, restoring the gum line to a healthier level. Our gum graft techniques include:

  • Connective Tissue Grafts: Source tissue from beneath a flap created on the hard palate.
  • Free Gingival Grafts: Source tissue directly from the surface of the hard palate.
  • Pedicle Grafts: Source tissue from a nearby, attached area.

Additional Periodontal Services From Brewer Family Dentistry

Your periodontal health is extremely important to your general health. Overcome gum disease and its negative effects with gentle, comprehensive periodontics from Brewer Family Dentistry. To schedule your periodontal or implant consultation, contact our Modesto, CA office today.

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