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Sedation Dentistry in Modesto, CA

No Matter Your Treatment Needs, Enjoy Relaxed Dental Visits Say goodbye to dental fear and anxiety with nitrous oxide and oral sedation dentistry services.

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Sedation Dentistry in Modesto, CANo Worries, We've Got You Covered.

Are dental fear and anxiety, or the need for extensive procedures, keeping you or your family members from receiving much needed dental treatment? Overcome these barriers to better oral health with easy sedation dentistry options from Brewer Family Dentistry. Combined with a gentle touch and warm, friendly environment, sedation options from our laughing gas dentist creates positive dental experiences for all, and happier, healthier smiles for years to come.

Find Your Comfort Zone With Brewer Family Dentistry

Getting to the Root of Dental Fear and Anxiety

Millions of people avoid visiting the dentist out of mild to severe dental fear and anxiety. Often, these fears are deeply rooted in factors such as the following:

  • Traumatic past dental experiences
  • Embarrassment of oral condition
  • Fear of needles or receiving shots
  • Difficulty with getting numb
  • Strong or sensitive gag reflex
  • Trouble remaining still for long periods of time
  • Multiple or complex treatment needed
  • Learned behavior (from family members, media or other sources)

Sedation Options From Brewer Family Dentistry

  • Oral Sedation Dentistry: With oral sedation dentistry, a prescription anti-anxiety medication is taken about an hour prior to your appointment. You remain relaxed and anxiety-free, but awake throughout the procedure and able to respond to instructions. Anti-anxiety medication does affect your ability to operate heavy machinery, so please have a companion bring you to and from your visit if choosing oral sedation. If you suffer from moderate to more severe dental fear and anxiety, or require more involved procedures like full mouth reconstruction and dental implants, oral sedation dentistry services may be the solution to receiving the treatment you need.
  • Nitrous Oxide: Whether you are nervous about routine care or more complex treatment, our laughing gas dentist can put you right at ease with odorless, safe nitrous oxide gas. Inhaling nitrous oxide before and throughout your procedure leaves you relaxed, even euphoric and sometimes giddy (hence the nickname, laughing gas). With nitrous sedation, you return to normal within minutes of breathing oxygen and able to carry on normal daily routines.
  • Local Anesthetic: We use local anesthetic to temporarily numb gum, teeth and bone, so that you remain comfortable and pain-free throughout treatment. Local anesthetic is typically used either on its own or in combination with oral sedation or nitrous oxide.

Expect Comfortable, Anxiety-Free Dental Visits

Imagine scheduling, attending and leaving your dental appointment – all without fear, stress, worry or anxiety. You can with sedation services from Brewer Family Dentistry. Our friendly, compassionate staff will put you right at ease, before, during and after your dental procedures, and monitor you closely when you opt for nitrous oxide or oral sedation dentistry.

Say goodbye to dental fear and hello to better oral health with comfortable, relaxed dental visits. If you are searching for a laughing gas dentist or would like more information on oral sedation dentistry for dental procedures, contact Brewer Family Dentistry in Modesto, CA today.

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