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Root Canal in Modesto, CA

Root Canal Therapy Saves Teeth, Prevents Other Health Concerns Return health to an infected tooth with endodontics from Brewer Family Dentistry.

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You Can Still Save Your Tooth

Root Canals in Modesto, CAA root canal is a procedure often necessary when bacteria invade the pulp, or nerve center, of a tooth. Whether tooth decay, trauma or a crack in tooth structure facilitates the intrusion, an infected tooth requires immediate attention with root canal therapy. Such an infection can impact surrounding bone, causing a tooth abscess with the potential to trigger a systemic response. When harmful bacteria threaten your health, Dr. Dean Brewer provides comfortable, expert endodontic care to save your infected tooth and minimize systemic risks.

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Why the Need for Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canals in Modesto, CAThe primary reason for performing root canals is to save teeth at risk of being lost to infection. Teeth failing to receive treatment typically require extraction, which opens up a whole new host of oral concerns. The infection has the potential to travel through the bloodstream and become life-threatening, if not treated early on. Avoiding root canal therapy simply is not worth the many risks to oral and overall health.

Signs and Symptoms of Infected Teeth

  • Tooth or mouth pain
  • Swollen gums or face
  • Dull toothache
  • Pain upon biting
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Presence of an abscess
  • Exposed pulp chamber
  • Radiographic evidence of infection
  • No symptoms (in some cases)

Comfortable, Stress-Free Root Canal Procedures

Despite the reputation of being unpleasant, receiving a root canal is really no different than having any other type of dental treatment, such as a filling. However, to ensure your maximum comfort, we do offer sedation options for a completely stress-free visit. A root canal removes the nerve and blood supply from inside the pulp chamber and canals of the tooth roots, cleaning and disinfecting the space and eliminating the infection. Once complete, Dr. Dean fills the chamber and canals with a special material, and seals the tooth to allow for healing. Root canal treated teeth often require full coverage and protection with dental crowns, as removing the vitality of these teeth renders them brittle and likely to break. When the tooth is fully healed, Dr. Dean restores function and esthetics with a beautiful, lifelike CEREC® dental crown.

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